Go On, Be Remarkable.

You live in a remarkable time. There are opportunities everywhere you look. And yet, it’s easy to assume that only remarkable people do remarkable things. That these people have some innate “specialness” or “greatness” within them; but of course, no such thing exists.

They too had doubts, they too had haters, they too faced obstacles but the difference between them and us is that they went ahead and did it anyway. They did the thing that they wanted to do, that they needed to do – despite it all.

And so can you.

The Surface.

Youtube Video: You Will Never Do Anything Remarkable

Creator: Exurb1a

Length: 10:40

In A Sentence: A funny and insightful video that explains to you why you can become remarkable.

Favourite Quote: “A long period of confusion isn’t a side-effect of trying to do something radically interesting – it’s the price of admission.”

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The Deep Dive: n/a.

The Review

Brilliant, funny and insanely creative – these are the three adjectives I think of when I think of Exurb1a. This video in particular is weirdly inspiring. It reminds you that you can do whatever it is you want to do – obviously.

This is the kind of video that can make your day. It put a smile on my face and Im sure it will do the same to you.

Why Today?

Like I said, we live in a truly remarkable time. Admittedly, I can be somewhat pessimistic about the state of the world today but despite all that, I truly believe that there has never before in human history been such an abundance of opportunities for individuals as today. There is absolutely no reason as to why you cannot do remarkable things.

Make that art. Write that novel. Sing that song. Start that company. Move to that place.

Go on, be remarkable.