Conformity Is Dangerous In An Insane World

One of the most enduring definition of mental illness is an inability to adjust and conform to societal norms. That is, an inability to conform. And such a definition is fitting if society is flourishing and healthy. However, – in sick and decaying societies – this definition of mental illness (i.e. mental health is conformity) obscures the fact of its sickness.

We are seeing the world descend into increasing derangement fuelled by social media addiction, alienation, fanaticism and loneliness. A world that is dominated by performance and appearances, and everything is fake and manufactured.

What does it mean to be normal is such a world? What does it mean to be sane?

The surface.

Youtube Video: Do We Live In A Sick Society?

Creator: Academy Of Ideas.

Length: 10:20.

In A Sentence: A short video about the dangers of conformity and how to maintain one’s sanity in an insane world.

Favourite Quote: “What is different now is that the unremitting might of reality is crushing the illusions that blinded many people from seeing the sickness of modern day normality and which kept them believing that conforming to such standards was the safest path to take.”

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The Deep Dive: coming soon.

The Review

A very interesting and thoughtful video about a topic that is near and dear to my heart: conformity and groupthink. Academy Of Ideas is a good channel which produces videos of consistent quality and rigour.

There is something about the narration and the imagery that I just love. Classical paintings of eerie scenes and a confident voice using precise and well articulated language, what’s not to love?

This video is a great example of their work. It’s filled with haunting scenes, great voiceover work, quotes from great thinkers and a call to action against the creeping fanaticism and conformity entering our minds and hearts.

Why Today?

Because there is a growing mental health crisis everywhere in the Western world. We are all getting more depressed, more anxious and more fragile. The culprits are obvious: social media, filter bubbles, ideological fanaticism and being cooped up in our homes all day.

A short video about the importance of autonomy, freedom and critical thinking in such a time is a very useful thing indeed.