Meaning Despite It All.

Our lives are short and insignificant in the grand scheme of things but they are not meaningless. They are a drama of cosmic struggles on the smallest of scales. Meaning is found in the brief moments of consciousness. A longing for affirmation emerging in fleeting beings in an endless universe. Nothing exemplifies this better than our relationship to our nearest star – the sun.

The sun is the basis for many (if not most) our most ancient religions – it has fascinated us for millennia. We are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It’s the giver of life and warmth and yet it’s power is so overwhelming that we cannot even look directly at it – and it’s 93 million miles away!

The sun is a terrifying miracle – just like the life it brought forth.

The Surface.

Youtube Video: Sunshine – A Visceral Experience Of Life, Death And Meaning.

Creator: Like Stories Of Old

Length: 10:08

In A Sentence: An exploration of our relationship to the sun, life, death and meaning through the film Sunshine (2007).

Favourite Quote: “At the end of time – a moment will come when only one man remains. And the moment will pass and man will be gone. There will be nothing to show that we were here… but stardust.”

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The Deep Dive: Coming soon.

The Review

 This was the first video that I saw from Like Stories Of Old and I was instantly hooked. It’s been over two years – I’ve watched/listened to every single video at least twice (some way more) and every time a new one drops I want to drop everything to sit down and watch. There are other videos that the channel has put out that are perhaps even better than this one (and you will see many of them here later on) but this one has a special place in my heart. I love Sunshine (2007) – I’ve always thought of it as an extremely underrated film – and the message of the video still resonates deeply with me.

Why Today?

The modern world is driving us all to become more and more narcissistic and solipsistic. Constant feedback loops of outrage, FOMO, unfavourable comparisons, ideological fanaticism and naval gazing brought on by addiction, anxiety, depression, economic hardship and isolation dominate much of the world.

It’s always helpful to manage our anxiety and narcissistic tendencies be awed and humbled – but especially in times such as these.