Suffering Is A Good Thing To Be Leaned Into.

Few people have been as misconstrued as Friedrich Nietzsche. His philosophy has been linked with terrible ideologies such as nazism, white supremacy and fascism and atrocities such as the holocaust and genocide. Even though many philosophers and thinkers have correctly pointed out that these links are based on gross misunderstandings and misapplications of his works (in fact they are in many ways in direct contradiction to it) – it nevertheless casts a shadow on his character and philosophy that still persists today.

Few argue however, that he was not brilliant and indeed one of the most influential thinkers in history. It is undeniable that he has been largely correct in his predictions about where Western society was heading to. That The Death Of God has brought with it a meaning crisis and a rise in nihilistic narcissism.

The Surface.

Youtube Video: Becoming Who You Really Are – The Philosophy Of Friedrich Nietzsche

Creator: Pursuit Of Wonder

Length: 15:55

In A Sentence: An explanation of the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche in a short, concise and thought-provoking video.

Favourite Quote: “The collapse of Christian faith brought with it – in Nietzsche’s mind – the collapse of everything built on it. The whole of European morality, its rationales and its values. He both predicted and feared that with this collective revelation – without sufficient replacement – humanity would be left to struggle with no clear system or meaning and devolve into widespread despair and nihilism.”

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The Deep Dive: Coming soon.

The Review

I love Pursuit Of Wonder and their videos. They usually do philosophical short stories that have some kind of life-affirming message but in this video (which is their most recent at time of writing) they more direct and explicit.

The video itself is a good introduction into Nietzsche and his most central message of becoming who we really are despite The Death Of God. That suffering is not bad in and of itself – it is only bad when it is pointless. And how we must become gods ourselves, impose our will to power on the world and become Overmen.

Why Today?

 Do you ever get the feeling that all of us are becoming more and more narcissistic and shallow? That sense-making is breaking down and something ineffable but vitally important is being slowly drained from the world? That we are all slowly losing our minds as the discourse becomes more and more deranged and detached from reality? That there is some invisible constraint in your mind that prevents you from breaking free and thinking clearly?

Yeah, me too.