Use A Strategy In Normal Life

Know yourself and know your enemy and you will not to fear the result of a hundred battles. This one of the most fundamental strategy lesson taught in Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War. This lesson does not only apply to warfare but it also can be extrapolated to all aspects of life.

Don’t wander through life aimlessly and pray that you hit your goals. Be intentional in what you do – be strategic in your decision making and take control .

The Surface.

The Youtube Video: 9 Principles I Learned From The Art Of War.

Creator: Freedom In Thought.

Length: 15:24

In A Sentence: A short and concise video about applying the strategic wisdom of Sun Tzu to your own life.

Favourite Quote: “War acts as a necessary precursor to peace.”

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The Deep Dive: n/a.

The Review

Freedom In Thought is a great Youtuber who makes beautifully animated videos about topics such as philosophy, productivity, psychology and strategic decision making. In other words: “that’s my jam right there.”

This video is another example of the great work this guy does. What I like most about it is that it’s extremely clear. Each principle is stated and elaborated on with precision. This means that this densely packed video is only 15 minutes long but it contains information that a lesser creator would need 40 minutes to deliver.

Why Today?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but things are a little chaotic right now. A pandemic has ravaged the Earth, economies are decimated and job loss is at an all time high. Yet, all crises present opportunities for those willing to exploit them. I heard someone say that chaos is a ladder, and that is true but only those with a clear strategy can climb it consistently.